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Have some King of Trios triva, why don’tcha?


- Not a single trio from the first King of Trios still teams together in CHIKARA.

- In fact, the only Kings of Trios that are still a functioning unit is the Spectral Envoy. No past King of Trios team is still intact in it’s entirety.

- That said, there are several King of Trios participants whom have competed in every tournament thus far (2007-2012); Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked, Icarus, and Chuck Taylor. Fire Ant has only missed one King of Trios tournament, due to Worker Ant being forced into retirement before the 2009 King of Trios

- Two former Kings of Trios currently compete in WWE; most obviously, Claudio Castagnoli (who teamed with this BDK brethren Ares and Tursas) now wrestles as (Antonio) Cesaro, while Incognito (of the team of himself, El Pantera, and Lince Dorado) is the current Sin Cara.

- As for King of Trios participants that also currently appear in WWE; Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), El Generico (Sami Zayn), and Ryan Drago (Simon Gotch). Sara Del Rey and Drake Younger are also Trios participants who work for WWE, but either work in a backstage capacity (Del Rey) or as a ref on NXT (Drake).

- Speaking of Incognito and his team, Team Mexico is the only former King of Trios champions that have seemingly completely disappeared; Pantera went back to Mexico, and Lince Dorado left CHIKARA when he realized everyone hated him.

- One team has made it to the finals twice; the Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, and Green Ant). The Colony first made it to the finals in 2010 in a losing effort to the BDK (Claudio Castagnoli, Ares, and Tursas). They made it to the finals again the next year, defeating FIST (Icarus, Chuck Taylor, and Johnny Gargano) in the process. FIST has technically made it twice as well, but in two different forms (Icuras, Taylor, and Gran Akuma in 2009, and the previously mentioned finals in 2011).

- The massive 2008 King of Trios is likely the largest tournament in history, housing 28 teams, 84 men in total.

- Four King of Trios events were held entirely within the confines of the famous ECW Arena. The first King of Trios only utilized the Arena on night 3, and as of 2012 the tournament has seemingly moved to the Easton Fun Plex.

- Several King of Trios winners are Triple Crown champions; Jigsaw, Chuck Taylor, Fire Ant, and Hallowicked have all held the Campeonatos de Parejas and the Young Lions Cup, and are King of Trios champions, while Icarus is a former Campeon de Parejas and King of Trios champion, and is the current CHIKARA Grand Champion. Jigsaw, Taylor, Fire Ant and Hallowicked all have the potential to win the Grand Championship to become Grand Slam Champions, but Icarus is no longer elligible to win the Young Lion’s Cup to do the same, due to being over 25.

- Four King of Trios champions are also Torneo Cibernetico winners; Jigsaw, Gran Akuma, Icarus, and Claudio Castagnoli were all the last men standing for their respective teams.

I shall add more trivia as I see fit, whether I figure out more tidbits or am corrected (it could happen!)

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